Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Embedded System Symposium 2015 (ESS2015)

Form Wednesday, October 21 2015 to Friday, October 23 2015, BeatCraft, Inc exhibits and demonstrates Lens Free Imager (LFI) at Embedded System Symposium 2015 (ESS2015). LFI is a lens-free microscope, which is based upon the technology of digital holography. ESS2015 is held at the Green Computing System Research Organization Center (a part of Waseda University).

Embedded System Symposium 2015 (ESS2015)
・Date: October 21 (Wed) 2015 - October 23 (Fri) 2015
・Location: Green Computing System Research Organization Center
 Waseda University
 Wasedamachi 27, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0042, Japan (Map)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sale of BC-ANT-USB Will Resume Soon

We have decoded to produce extra units of BC-ANT-USB. The production process will start soon. These newly produced units will be stocked and sold at amazon around mid-October. As the production is completed and the products are shipped to, the news will be posted on this blog. Please wait a few more weeks.

Thank you.

Monday, July 6, 2015

About Shipments and Inventory of BC-ANT-USB

This is a report for the shipments and inventory of BC-ANT-USB. BC-ANT-USB has been on the market since July 2012, and totally more than 450 units of BC-ANT-USB have been sold today.

When BC-ABT-USB was introduced to the market, it was mainly targeted to electronic hobbyists and R&D researchers, those who are interested in studying ANT protocol. Recently, BC-ANT-USB becomes popular to the cyclists. This is a kind of unexpected turnout, but we really enjoy it.

◯ Inventory of BC-ANT-USB
As of the 3rd of July, 2015, the stock of BC-ANT-USB is listed below.

Amazon 118 units (as of July 3rd)
In-house inventory: 90 units
Total: 208 units

Right now, we are in the discussion of whether we will build additional units of BC-ANT-USB or not.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

15th Anniversary Party

On June 3rd, we held a party for the 15 anniversary of the company. The party had a 50kg-tuna disassembling show. Japanese chefs filleted a 50kg-tuna and served sushi and sashimi to the guests.

We like to express our gratitude for the supports and help that we had received last 15 years. Thanks!

Friday, March 6, 2015

How to connect Android device with ANT+ sensors, using BC-ANT-USB

Using BC-ANT-USB or other ANT-USB dongles, it is possible to establish wireless communication between an Android smartphone and ANT+ sensors as long as the Android device has USB host function.

Requirements (Hardware)
- Android device, which does have USB host function
  (Android smartphone or Android tablet)
- BC-ANT-USB or other ANT-USB dongles
- USB OTG (OnTheGo) cable
- ANT+ sensors
  (The sensors and devices officially supporting ANT+: Hart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, speed sensor and cadence sensor for bicycle)

Requirements (Software)
- ANT USB Service
- ANT Radio Service
- ANT+ Plugins Service
- ANT+ enabled Android Applications

Please download and install ANT USB Service on your Android device from Google Play Store first. If you can directly download and install it from Google store, your device supports USB host function. If your Android device does NOT support USB host function, you cannot find the application in Google Play Store from your Android device.

For more information, please visit ANT+ official support page (

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Report: Embedded System Symposium 2014 (ESS2014)

From October 22 to October 24, Embedded System Symposium 2014 (ESS2014) was held at National Olympic Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo. BeatCraft, Inc. set up a booth and demonstrated LFI (Lens Free Imager).

This is a digital holographic microscope system, but unlike any conventional system, it does not employ any lenses. It uses a CMOS sensor and lasers. When lasers are irradiated to an object, the interference waves are generated. Then, the CMOS sensor captures an image of waves, in stead of an image of the object itself. After capturing the image of waves, a PC, which is attached to LFI, reconstructs an image based upon the captured inference waves.

This is still under the development. When more information is available, we will post it on this blog or BC:labs. Thank you.

Finally, we like to congratulate the organizers of ESS 2014 for the successful event to thank to those who visited our booth.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Embedded System Symposium 2014 (ESS2014)

From Wednesday, October 22 to Friday, October 24 2014, BeatCraft will set up a booth at Embedded System Symposium (ESS2014) and give a presentation. The ESS2014 is held at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center. The details of the presentation will be noticed at this blog when its information is available. Thank you.

Embedded System Symposium 2014 (ESS2014)
 ・Date: October 22, 2014 ~ October 24, 2014
 ・Location: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Yoyogi, Tokyo.